Synopsis Redux

I thought the synopsis I had posted previously was a little long. It also tackled each character’s arc as a different narrative. In recent times I’ve made it shorter and leaner. This is what I’m going with now:


The Final City is just that, Ark, a deco-punk metropolis suspended in space. The last refuge of humanity, and a claustrophobic mix of political ideologies. An arson at the city Asylum inflames tensions, and from that one event two journeys begin.

After her father’s murder, nine year old Lily flees, only to finds something dark beneath the city. It calls itself an angel, and by saving her life, it awakens within her an ability to peer into the minds of others. An ancient Machiavellian Contessa takes her under her wing, and Lily must make a choice between the comfort of her past life or becoming a killer herself.

Isador Iuda, an opioid dependent prisoner finds his sudden freedom is fraught with danger. His family name makes him valuable to the city elite, and the brutal kinetic powers he manifests fuels rumours of a curse that once brought tragedy to his people. Is his struggle for freedom worth the price in blood he is forced to pay, or should he become as his enemies see him, a monster?

What links these two characters are their powers and the shadowy conspiracy behind them. The Geist Project, a secret that taints the machinations of all those around them, and appears to be the catalyst of all their hardship. Though eventually both find some semblance of peace and resolution, many questions still linger. Their lives have been tainted, and their futures promise both power and misery.


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